Participating Vendors

As of May 27, 2011:

in alphabetical order…

Aphrodite Shop, gigli Neit

Atypical Mouthies + More, Hyades

Babycakes, Tesla Isle

Builders Depot, Elizabeth Town

Clover’s Kitchen, Lionheart Mohatu

Cupcakes & Poetry, deviousMind

Cupcake Clothing, Comanche Nation:  Strange Damage Mall and Recreation

Cyberkitten Bakery & Grocery, Isles of Intrigue

Divivity Home Store, Minna

8-BiT Me! <3, Lutaldo

*Epic*, Vanima Shee

Fairy Unique Designs, Fairy Unique

*Finishing Touches*, Azalea

FlufferNutterz, Glowbug

Food at-Cas, Voti

Griss’ General Store, Sayadaw

Happy Homes, Angel Dreams

In A Nutshell, DePaul & Tsali

KittyCat’s Creations, Jeonbuk

KK Food, Kitchen Korner

KUE!, Koh Lan

.::LacieCakes::., Larette Island

Les sucreries de fairy, Bunzy

::LiQuiD SuGaR::, Forsaken City

Love My Textures Main Store, Renegades

Meant to Be:  Cake Design, Star Crossed Isle

Naughty Nibbles/Kitchen Nibbles, Naughty Nibbles Isle

Neeli’s Sweet Nibbles, Triangulum

*Peach Pot*, iWonder

Pink Sugah Shapes, Yggdrasil

Prims 4 U, Tsali

PTF Party Supplies, Ange

Sirenes et Moineaux Patisserie, Alchemy Immortalis

Sky Nation Designs, Razorwulf

Small Fry, Porcupine

Slumber Jamz, Tsali

Sugar Mama’s Fashion Bakery, Lesten

Sweet Bites, Aprils Haven

Sweet Celebrations, Lovers Lane

Tasty Prims, Elizabeth Town

{TERHO}, Katat0nik

The Cuppa Cafe, Ambrosia

The Flaky Tart, Unbreakable

The Home Store, Ville de Giverny

Tree & Ocean SL, Herman Melville

USC Textures, Paradise Landing

Victoria’s Little Secrets Store, Tahiti Islands

Wedding Lane, Ovid

wildNsweet designs – It’s a Pajama Party, Razorwulf

WPJewels, Rosenthal

Z Best Textures, Renegades


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